Importance of imagination

In the introduction to his book “Being Digital” (published back in 1995 before touch screens and voice recognition became ubiquitous in human-machine interface!) Nicholas Negroponte (founder of MIT’s Media Lab) wrote:

” Like a Hollywood film, multimedia narrative includes such specific representations that less and less is left to the mind’s eye. By, contrast, the written word sparks images and evokes metaphors that get much of their meaning from the reader’s imagination and experiences. When you read a novel, much of the color, sound, and motion come from you.”

From the pen of the founding father of esthetics and design for the digital information, and a great futurist and visionary Nicholas Negroponte, such a praise to human imagination as a driving force for creativity and innovation!

For that same reason, I have decided to start this site in a form of a blog. Based on a written word it would leave a visitor reader to its own imagination, and hopefully, spark innovation. So please share your imagination with me and other fellow digital dreamers in the comments…