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Importance of imagination

In the introduction to his book “Being Digital” (published back in 1995 before touch screens and voice recognition became ubiquitous in human-machine interface!) Nicholas Negroponte (founder of MIT’s Media Lab) wrote: ” Like a Hollywood film, multimedia narrative includes such specific representations that less and less is left […]

About Viktor Polic

More than two decades of professional experience in information management and governance, with particular focus on information security, risk management and assurance for large multilateral public sector organizations with global presence. Actively contributing to inter-organizational working groups for establishing policies, standards, and guidelines in the area of information […]

What is CyberSymbiosis?

Information and communication are fundamental to development of┬áhumankind. We’ve developed languages, writing, publishing, messaging, and archiving to communicate, discover, remember and learn. Our curiosity and need to know more requires continuous increase in information volume, transfer rate and quality. Humans are instinctively uncomfortable when facing uncertainty. We try […]