What is CyberSymbiosis?

Information and communication are fundamental to development of humankind. We’ve developed languages, writing, publishing, messaging, and archiving to communicate, discover, remember and learn. Our curiosity and need to know more requires continuous increase in information volume, transfer rate and quality. Humans are instinctively uncomfortable when facing uncertainty. We try to predict and forecast future events so that we may relax and enjoy the present.

We’ve been developing processes, techniques and technologies for centuries to better manage information and to improve our communication. During the 20th century our knowledge on information and communication reached the level of science. To progress further we’ve begun to automate repetitive processes and to constantly increase our capacity to store, transfer and analyze information. In the 21st century we are able to develop technology that functions at the highest level of data abstraction – intelligence.

According to Cambridge English dictionary, Symbiosis in biology is defined as a relationship between two types of animal or plant in which each provides for the other the conditions necessary for its continued existence. Technology is designed by humans and it became indispensable for our further development. Without further development our very existence would be uncertain. Therefore, we depend on technology and technology depends on us. We are in symbiosis.

In 1948, mathematician Norbert Wiener published “Cybernetics: or, Control and Communication in the Animal and the Machine” establishing the foundation for studying the process of using information to govern activities in living beings and in machines. He described the flow of information from monitor (sensors/senses) through communication channel (signaling network/nervous system), to controller (processor/brain) that outputs decisions resulting in information feedback used to govern physiologic or mechanical activities. Since that publication the term cybernetics evolved in fiction and in reality together with our use of information and communication technology, or our imagination on technology. Prefix cyber- is related to involving, using, or relating to computers, and especially the Internet.

Cyber-symbiosis describes relationship between humans and machines in the realm of information collection, communication, transformation and interpretation, with objective to augment ability to learn, understand, make judgements or opinions. The purpose of this site is to collect and share knowledge on human-machine relationship and promote it for the benefit of both.