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Information and communication science educator. Information security, risk management, ICT governance practitioner. Big Data management, Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence adopter. Cryptography and data protection researcher. Human-machine interaction enthusiast.

Is “Privacy by design” feasible?

Yes, of course it is! It is not however simple to design information systems with privacy in mind as a top priority. Consider this example as illustration. A security research on the vulnerability in Intel CPU architecture that allows side-channel attack that could breach cryptographic keys was published […]

Talk on creating a Security Coordination Center at CISO 360 Congress in Lisbon

For organizations with fragmented security operations, for example with one unit managing operations of perimeter network security another unit managing operations of end-point security and identities and third unit managing operations of applications and databases security, coordination of these functions is critical for effective and efficient Information Security […]

Teaching at University: CSSS 2510 Cyber Attacks and Defense (2018)

Webster University undergraduate catalog description: The course provides students with insight on common cyber-attacks and the techniques for identifying, detecting and defending against cybersecurity threats. The course will cover firewalls, intrusion detection/prevention, authentication, ciphers, cryptography, etc. The course presents emerging technologies such as virtualization, Cloud computing, and multimedia protocols. This course […]