5G mobile networks become digital transformation enablers in 2019

The fifth generation (5G) mobile network technology is an umbrella term for the family of new technologies for mobile data communications. 5G technologies have been showcased in various pilot projects world wide promising higher throughput rates, lower latency, improved security. While smart phones manufacturers are announcing 5G revolution in 2019 for consumer market and are racing to launch their new models compatible with new mobile technologies the real revolution will be elsewhere. 5G mobile networks will enable sensors capable to take measures and transfer data in near real-time with Quality of Service (QoS) commitments. This will enable real revolution in the Internet of Things (IoT) domain as numerous case studies show.  With gigabit per second transfer rates 5G will enable construction of truly smart devices that could capture and/or receive sufficient amount of data and be capable to transform it and analyze it using machine learning techniques to locally make decisions without totally depending on the back-end infrastructure in remote data centers. These devices could communicate with each other and neighboring sensors to ensure safer and more efficient autonomous mobility, smart city applications and smart nation initiatives, innovative roboticsSecurity requirements of 5G networks were early established based on lessons learned from previous mobile network generations and have been developed during transition from 4G to 5G. These requirements should enable privacy by design in 5G applications and innovative mobile financial applications such as mobile trading and mobile payments.

Switzerland announced yesterday that mobile frequencies have been awarded to three operators who won public auction. Swisscom partnering with Ericsson will launch their commercial 5G offerings in 2019. Sunrise partnering with Huawei announced their solutions in early 2020. Salt partnering with Nokia will launch their offering in early 2020. The infrastructure will be ready and available in few months. Mobile World Congress in a couple of weeks from now will showcase many new aspects of 5G networks for consumers and industry. That’s just the beginning of what promises to be another phase in digital transformation and cybersymbiosis.