Evolution of computers

Talk on Data Owner’s Cloud Survival and Exit Strategies – Cloud Security Alliance EMEA Congress, Edinburgh 2013

I would like to dedicate this post to my friend and colleague Dr. Eduardo Gelbstein who sadly passed away in 2015. Ed was my colleague at Webster University Geneva campus and at the United Nations for many years. We have co-authored a few articles and talks.

One of the topics that we have discussed and researched together was adoption of cloud computing as part of organizational digital transformation and effective management of its complex risk and management issues. Results of our work were published in ISACA journal.

Prior to publishing the article in ISACA Journal I have presented our conclusions at Cloud Security Alliance EMEA Congress in Edinburgh. Presentation covers:

  • Data owners’ issues
  • Lessons learned from outsourcing
  • Data ownership – the basic
  • Data management activities
  • Data Governance framework
  • Due Diligence in the Cloud
  • Data owners’ contract needs
  • Data owners’ risk assessments
  • Metrics for data owners
  • Data owners’ controls
  • Some encryption issues
  • Preparing for exit

Presentation slides could be downloaded here: VP CSA edinburgh handout (online).



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